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June 2016

Updated Dashboard and Facebook Friends Challenges added to GameZBoost Multi Device Games Platform

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A number of new features have been added to the GameZBoost multi device white label games platform, including: an updated backoffice Dashboard report and the option for users to Challenge their Friends when they create a Player vs Player Contest. The focus of remains to continually enhance the overall offering with the focus on providing a solution that meets the needs of our clients, while ensuring their offering drives user acquisition, retention and unlocks new and established monetization opportunities.

Backoffice Dashboard Snapshot Report:

GameZBoost Platform Backoffice Dashboard Snapshot Report

The dashboard report includes summary views for the following key performance metrics:

  • Top 3 Games Played – info for previous 24 hours
  • New User Registration – info for previous 3 days
  • Site Revenue Metrics – revenues earned from in-game purchases, game credit top-up purchases and from users buying premium membership
  • MMO In-game Revenue – revenue metrics from users in-game purchases from game studios not integrated with the GameZBoost in-game purchasing API’s
  • Game Plays – game play statistics for Registered and Guest users
  • Top Affiliate Campaign – highlights the key metrics for the top performing affiliate campaign
  • Rewards Redemption – quick view of the last 3 user reward redemption notification, with status – allowing for a quick view for items requiring attention

Facebook Friends Challenge in Contests:

Facebook Friends Challenge in Contests

The Contests platform allows users to create Player vs Player Challenges, these are game specific and each participant contributes their share of the entry fee, the winner takes all,  less the site admin fee. The Contests platform has been updated to allow users to create a new Challenges, based on the following settings:

  • Public Contest – the user creates a Contest that any registered user can accept
  • Friend Contest – the initiator invites a friend, either via an email address or by using the friends nickname
  • Facebook Friend Contest – when a user logs in with their Facebook account, they then have the added benefit of being able to create a Player vs Player Contest with their Facebook Friends that are registered on the games site

Player vs Player Multi-player Games:

Player vs Player Multi-player Games

A number of new Player vs Player real time multi player games have been added to the gaming platform. Users nicknames are auto populated when they enter the game Lobby. Users play the game in real time, with the winner being identified with a Trophy next to their score on the leaderboards.

Convert Game Credits to Loyalty Points:

Game Credits to Loyalty Points Conversion

The GameZBoost game platform has further enhanced the Loyalty and Rewards solution to allow users to now convert their hard earned Game Credits into Loyalty Points, which can be redeemed for great Rewards. This allows users the benefit of getting closer to being able to redeem their Loyalty points for the Reward that they desire.

Advertorial Solution Enhanced:

The Advertorial solution allows site owners the opportunity to publish promotions and sponsorship across the site, including on the home page, game pages, tournament and contest pages. The platform now allows site admins to setup specific advertorial promotions as game pre-rolls, thus allowing maximum exposure for their campaigns.

Survey / Opinion Poll Platform:

The Survey / Opinion Poll platform now includes the ability to Preview the Survey that’s being created. Surveys can be setup with multiple scenarios, with specific questions, answers and formats that include: radio button, multiple choice, free text, drop downs, etc – images can be linked to the survey and survey question sets. Previously surveys were linked to tournaments, this has now been expanded to allows Surveys / Polls to be linked to games as pre-rolls.

Survey / Opinion Poll Platform
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