Just like we said, our little Robo-box Tinbo™ is always on an adventure with his really cool games! If you’ve missed it, Tinbo™ now has 7 fun and challenging games that you can play. Are you ready to see all of Tinbos games?! Some more exciting news is that Tinbo has his own site. Yes, that’s correct, head over to www.tinbo.co to play all of Tinbo’s awesome games.

Tinbo ™ Through Time

Tinbo™ through time is a steampunk-inspired side scroller game Tinbo™ runs along platforms collecting all the sprockets and avoiding the dangerous obstacles and robots in his way. To jump just tap on the screen. A short tap/click is a small jump and to double jump tap/click twice and long tap/click on the screen to jump higher and further. The more sprockets you collect and the further you go, the more points you will get and the higher your score will be. The further you go the faster Tinbo runs, making it more challenging and harder to avoid the obstacles. How far can you run in this infinite runner game?

Click on the link to play Tinbo™ Through Time, https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/tinbo-through-time

Tinbo™ Dash

Tinbo™ Dash is and infinity runner game with 3 really cool worlds for you to run through. With 3 worlds floating in the sky, you get to experience 3 different themes. A fun and colorful carnival run, a train station ready to take you on an adventure and a steampunk-inspired industrial city that will take you back to another time. To play, use the arrow keys or tap on the side of the screen you want to lean to and swipe up on the screen to jump. Collect coins to reach a new level and collect the special pick ups to have a special level play for a short period of time. Avid the obstacles while collecting all the coins and racing through all the levels in this fun game. How far can you get?

Click on the link to play Tinbo Dash, https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/tinbo-dash

Tinbo™ Fuse

Tinbo™ Fuse is a fuse game where you have to pair the tiles with their matching partner in order to make the row disappear and go further down before you reach the top of the screen. The aim of the game is to match and collect all the tiles pairs as fast as you can. The tiles will slowly move towards the top of the screen limiting your space. If you take too long and run out of space, the game will be over and you will have to start again. To play tap on the left or right side of the screen to move your block. Move your block above blocks that look identical to it in order to remove the row of blocks. Don’t let your block reach the top of the screen or else its game over. Can you get the highest Score? 

Click on the link to play Tinbo Fuse, https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/tinbo-fuse

Tinbo™ Tales

Tinbo™ Tales is a fun stacking game where you can unlock and play as Tinbos 5 new friends! Join Tinbo and his friends as they jump as high as they can while avoiding the objects coming from each side of the screen. Reach a certain score to jump into a new world with each of Tinbos friends. The aim of the game is to avoid the objects by jumping on top of them. Tap/click on the screen to make your character jump. If you don’t jump in time, the object will knock you off the stack and your character will fall to the bottom and you will have to start again. Not all the objects need to be lined up perfectly on the stuck, but they mustn’t be too far off on either side as it will lose balance and you will still fall off.

Click on the link to play Tinbo Tales, https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/tinbo-tales

Tinbo™ Attack

Tinbo™ Attack is a Whack A Mole style game where you whack all the tinbos that pop out of the hole with a big hammer. To play, tap on the Tinbo’s that appear from their holes and smack them with your hammer, but remember to avoid hitting any bombs or you will lose points. There is a time limit so you need to whack as many Tinbos as you can before the time runs out. While whacking the Tinbo’s you may get lucky and get the ”Super Hammer” which will give you more points when hitting the Tinbos in Super Hammer mode. Are you ready to attack some Tinbo’s?

Click on the link to play Tinbo Attack, https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/tinbo-attack


Tinblox is a fun Tile matching game that stars Tinbo and his friends. To play, click a Tinbo and match it with 2 or more of the same Tinbo’s next to it that look identical. The higher your combo is the more points you will get for it and more time will be added to the timer. You can only match the same tiles that are both diagonally and horizontally to the original tile. How many matches can you get in this fun match-3 game?

Click on the link to play Tinblox, https://www.glive.io/mobile-3-in-a-row-games-play-now/tinblox

Tinbo™ Quest

Tinbo™ Quest is a side scroller where Tinbo can run on both the ground and the floating ceiling! Help Tinbo run through each level avoiding the obstacles by running on the floor and upside down on the roof. Collect gears to get extra points and make it to the end of the screen to move onto the next level. To play, tap on the screen to make Tinbo jump and start running either on the floor or ceiling. Collect gears to get more points while avoiding all obstacles and jumping over the gaps in the floor and ceiling otherwise you will die and will have to start again. There are 10 levels in the game that get more challenging the further you go. Do you have what it takes to make it to the end?

Click on the link to play Tinbo Quest, https://www.glive.io/mobile-arcade-games-play-now/tinbo-quest

Be sure to keep following Tinbo and his series of games, we know he’s now got a piece of your heart and you can’t let go! This robo-box is on an adventure and nothing is stopping him from who knows, another game? Maybe, we will see, only time will tell what this little guy has up his tin sleeve.

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