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October 2018

The Power of the GameZBoost Media Platform

Like a game, each level is important. Without any levels, objectives or tasks there is no real point to playing the game. Media and Content is one of the levels in a business that helps drive it to success, like every other department. Once combined it is a game that you keep on playing trying to beat your previous score so that you get better. This is what we live for at GameZBoost, to constantly strive to do better and provide our audience with the best content possible.

By developing an 8 Step Content and Media Strategy, we have conducted and gathered research to help guide GameZBoost Live in the direction that both the company and our audience want us to go in. We have determined that our main purpose is to be a gaming and content hub for all mobile gamers as well as to be the main source where everyone goes to get their gaming information and to play games. Ways in which we connect with our audiences is through our website and social media. By constantly keeping them updated and informing them on what’s new, what games we have and how to play, we provide that interaction as well as the knowledge about GLive and our games.

When creating a content and media schedule we focused on the 3 H’s of content, Hero, Hub and Help. Hero content consist of your brands pivotal moments and should only be showcased in an article or video once or twice a year. This will include big ideas or events that has happened within the company or been created by the company that supports the brand and most important initiatives. Hub content is content that your viewers want to constantly see but must be aligned with the passion of our target audience. We do this by posting reviews and game plays on triple A games, general gaming chat and the latest news. This includes articles/videos on the latest gaming news, episodic videos with corresponding articles about games available on our website and general gaming content to attract and engage our audience. Help content is all about helping and informing your audience. It needs to stick to content that is relevant to our brand. We do this by creating articles/videos on walkthroughs and game plays on our GameZBoost games as well as Triple A games.

Below is an example Content and Media schedule created for

Maxout Monday, every Monday a video and article is posted on our website and all of our social media platforms where one of our presenters tell you about the latest games, tournaments and news that’s available on our site. Our objective is to create awareness, inform and update our audience as to what is happening on the GLive website. It is an informal way of informing our audience about the latest games they can play as well as if there is a tournament that they can enter and participate in. Click on the Link below to check out one of our Maxout Mondays.

Example of a Maxout Monday Video

TwoSdayz, every Tuesday we showcase a multiplayer game which is available on our website.
We do this by having our two presenters playing the game against each other and telling the viewers their thoughts. This is an interactive way to show the audience how much fun they can have by playing one of the multiplayer games. Each video is posted over social media with a corresponding article on the website blog section. Our objective is to show the audience the variety of multiplayer games that we have available for you to enjoy with your friends and family rather than just single player games.

Example TwoSdays Video – Morabaraba:

Walkthrough Wednesday, each Wednesday we release a long-form video in which one of our video presenters will take you from the “get go” of a game explaining the objectives and giving helpful tips on how to play. The games which are given a long-form walkthrough are the DOWNLOADABLE & MMO games available from GameZBoost Live. Each video is posted to all our social media platforms and given an article with more in depth descriptions. The aim of the walkthrough is to let the audience see some of the game play and to encourage them to go and download the games.

Example Walkthrough Wednesday – Coastal Hill:

Lets Play Thursdays, are all about triple A game plays and reviews. Our video hosts challenge each other on playing some of the newest or most popular games out there. They also do single game plays where they give their opinion on why the game is so popular and also their personal thoughts while playing. These videos are usually long-form content as to get the general feel of a game conveyed to the audience requires more than a quick 2 minute video. This falls into the general gaming news where we want the viewers to feel that we cover all things gaming and not just relevant to the GameZBoost brand. We occasionally do a #ThrowbackThursday where we play a game that is quite a few years old already. The aim there is to give the audience a sense of nostalgia. By doing this the brand feels more relatable and will potentially bring in more followers and boost engagement. Along with the video is always a game review blog post with all the relevant information that one might find useful.

Example Lets Play Thursday – Cuisine Royale:

Glive Chat (GAMING NEWS), each Friday our presenters sit down out of the recording studio and chat about the weeks most relevant news within the gaming universe. This is very informal with a “chat-show” feel. Each episode covers around 5 subjects and is usually between 10 – 15 minutes long. Our objective with this GLIVE CHAT is to build engagement with the audience and to re-cap and inform them of any gaming news which they may have missed out on in the week!

This is posted over all our social media and the website.

Example GLive Chat:

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