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September 2019

The GameZBoost AdverGaming Solution


One of the deployment options available on the GameZBoost gaming platform is to launch an advergames offering, this allows for a branded site and the option to commission a custom branded game.

The AdverGames platform provides clients with the following features:

  • Launch a games site that carries either the product or companies branding and color schemes
  • The platform is fully compatible across smartphones, tablets and desktop browsers
  • Configure the tournaments as either high score and / or single eliminator
  • Featured Game or Featured Tournament – the featured game will display when no featured tournament is active
  • User registration and login – default and / or Facebook Connect
  • Social sharing and search features
  • Live high score leaderboards
  • Tournament Info and Game Info pages
  • Setup tournaments with prizes, the text and images can be branded to reflect the company brand or the product offered as a prize
  • Advertorial – publish promotional material to drive awareness to the promotion, product or company
  • News platform – publish articles relating to the site, company and or product, as well as winners and prize info
  • Contests – enable the player vs player contests, allows mobile users to challenge their Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp friends
  • Loyalty and Rewards – enable the loyalty platform, users are awarded with loyalty points for various activity based events, reward them with products, vouchers, game credits or premium membership
  • Translate the site text into any language, deploy the site with multiple languages
  • Transaction platform – configure the games and tournaments to be free to access or pay to play or subscription based
  • Game – configure a specific game for the advergames site, the game can be selected from the catalog of 1,000+ titles
  • Custom game – commission the creation of a custom game for the advergames promotion
  • Configure custom landing pages to promote the product and site features
  • Billing platform – PayPal and Envato are already integrated as payment platforms, make use of these or use your own payment providers or make use of the various API’s available to manage user registrations and purchasing
  • Affiliate platform – include the affiliate marketing platform to build your user base and community
  • Comprehensive backoffice management platform, including detailed reporting

Example of the McDonald’s Tinbo Mac Dash Advergame:

Tinbo Mac Dash by GameZBoost

Example of a proposed advergame of Toy Kingdom:

Toy Kingdom Advergame mockup
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