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April 2016

Social, Community and User Engagement Enhancements Added to Platform

MMOGames Social Sharing Header
A number of tweaks and new developments have been completed and are now live on the GameZBoost white label gaming solution platform, view them on
  • A number of enhancements have been made to the various device views, including the tweaking of the content views and formatting for smartphones and tablets.
  • 5 new HTML5 game titles have been added since beginning April – taking the total to 182.
  • 2 new MMO titles (desktop and mobile compatible), Imperia Online and Mafia Battles, have been added with full SSO and high score integration, with another 5 new titles coming online by mid May – taking the total to 45 MMO games.
  • Tweaked utility links view on mobile devices.
  • Language tweaks for the full translation of the site text – this excludes the translation of the games.
  • Tournaments can now be promoted as part of the large Header promo block.
  • Public user profiles have been created – this is phase 1, with additional features to be added in the next phase (details below)
  • Private Contests – option to invite users by their Nickname.
  • Activity ticker updated to allow for direct access to games, tournaments, avatar builder and users public profiles.
  • All game high score related widgets have been updated to be clickable to the users public profile.
Interactive Activity Ticker

Interactive Activity Ticker

  • Tournaments & Contests now have a live countdown.
Tournaments Live Countdown Ticker

Tournaments Live Countdown Ticker

  • Users achieved Badges and Reward notifications have been added to the Activity ticker.
  • Winners page created, highlighting winners from Contests and Tournaments.
Players Winners Wall

Players Winners Wall

  • Closed Tournaments pages updated with the Winners info, includes ability to Challenge users directly.
  • Tournaments updated to include the Trophies solution. Trophies can be assigned as part of the prizes for Tournaments.
Tournament Prizes and Trophies

Tournament Prizes and Trophies

  • Avatar Parade created on the Avatar page, includes ability to Challenge users directly.
MMOGames Avatar Solution

MMOGames Avatar Solution

  • Enhancements to the Game Voting logic.
  • Enhancements to the users Comments on Game Info and News Article pages.
  • Countdown added to reflect remaining Premium Membership subscription period.
  • Social Share solution added, including sharing to WhatsApp contacts from mobile devices.
  • Facebook Like button added to the header.
Social Share Header Functionality

Social Share Header Functionality

Development of the next phase of the enhancements to the platform has commenced and will include the following features and enhancements:
  • Player Ranking solution, linked to the Loyalty Rewards framework. A Players Rank will be reflected as a specific colour, this is configured in the backoffice.
  • Tweaks to the Contest creation logic, including adding the feature to challenge uses based on their Player Rank.
  • The Player Profile page will be enhanced to include the following:
    • Player Rank
    • Badges – previous, current and next
    • Next Loyalty Reward + if eligible the Redemption functionality will be active
    • Inclusion of the Loyalty Rewards log, reflecting where the player earned their Loyalty points.
  • Competitive Results Widgets, showing:
    • Tournaments Won
    • Trophies Won
    • Contests Won
  • Tweaks to the Survey / Poll tool.
The solution will be adapted to cater for a number of specific deployment options, these include:
  • Full featured solution – focusing on desktop and mobile users, with MMO, Flash and HTML5 titles being available and filtered based on device.
  • Mobile focused solution – screens configured for mobile and only HTML5 games being accessible
  • Competition focused solution – home page formatted to highlight the competitive features of the platform – tournaments, contests, leader boards, winners and loyalty and rewards.
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