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September 2019

Skilled Gaming Tournaments Platform

GameZBoost offers a variety of services and one of those is our new skilled gaming tournaments solution, with a “wagering” and cashout feature. So what is skilled gaming you may ask? Skilled gaming is games that require skills. This is based on your physical and mental skill rather than chance, so how good you are at the game.

GameZBoost Skilled Gaming Solution

Tournament Wagering and Betting

  • We offer wagering and betting components where players verse against each other in different tournaments such as eliminator, single, ongoing and live tournaments.
  • Each tournament has a set amount of credits the player has to pay in order to gain entry, play and log a score. A portion of those credits goes to the site whereas the rest will go to the jackpot which will then be won by a single player.
  • The benefits are that it is has shared player leaderboards, displaying the players scores for the participating sites.
  • We have evergreen tournaments for all active games which means that the tournaments are ongoing and once they end, they automatically restart again.

Loyalty and Rewards

  • We have loyalty and rewards such as vouchers and Spin and Win that offer some great prizes for all the subscribers.
  • With high-value rewards and loyalty levels that partners have given such as shopping vouchers, cellphones, gadgets and more.
  • We offer the subscription element of no pre-roll adverts, and every day a user is subscribed, they get a free spin on Spin and Win.
  • For loyalty, subscribers can unlock some cool vouchers and products when reaching certain levels and points. 

Key Features

  • Full localization of all site elements and games for high-value networks. This means adjusting the properties and characteristics of the product to suit the culture and language of your desired site. 
  • Players now have the option to cash out credits that have accumulated over time in real cash. A cool new feature that has been added to the site.
  • The billing system we use is Paypal, but 3rd part billing platforms can be integrated with our API’s.

GameZBoost can create an amazing site with all of these new features for you, so take a gamble and choose to game with us!

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