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September 2015

Overview of the Game Credits / Micro Transaction Functionality

GameZBoost Gaming Platform Social Gaming and Sharing Features

The GameZBoost gaming platform has a fully integrated micro transactions platform, that fully caters for game credits transactions that allow for:

  • Users being Rewarded with Game Credits
  • Users Spending Game Credits
  • Users Earning Game Credits
  • Users Purchasing Game Credits

The core features of the Game Credits / Micro Transaction platform consist of:

  • Central Publisher Credits Account
    • Publishers receive sign-up credits balance to get started
  • Top-up Game Credits to Reward & Incentivize Users:
    • PayPal or 3rd Payment Provider API Integration
  • Users top-up Game Credits account through PayPal or 3rd Payment Providers:
    • Configure Top-up Packages from the backoffice
    • Setup packages based on multiple currencies
    • Real Time Exchange Rate Data Feed
  • Recover Game Credits from User Spend / Rake
  • User Rewarded for High Score Improvement
    • Configurable per game from backoffice
  • Configure User Game Access:
    • Games Free to Play or Pay to Play
    • Members Specific Content
  • Users receive Free Bonus Game Credits @ Sign-up, Sharing Achievements to Facebook
  • Premium Membership Solution:
    • Configure Time Frame, Package Costs & Bonus Credits
    • User Benefits: Instant Access to VIP Tourneys, No Pre-roll Ads, Double Bonus Points in Contests, Unlock all Paid Games
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