GameZBoost now offers a full suite of API’s (SaaS) that will allow the various GameZBoost gaming platform features to be used within 3rd party / game studio Android and iOS game apps, the API functions include:

  • Login and register
  • High score posting (including levels & unlocked in-game merchandise)
  • Live high score leaderboards (overall & personal per level)
  • Tournaments, incl. info and leaderboards
  • Tournament formats, incl. Highest Score, Random Winner & Single Eliminator
  • Multiplayer games support – offer Head to Head Tournaments
  • Player vs Player Contents + Build Buddy Lists
  • In-game credits & subscription management
  • In-app purchasing for tournaments credits / subscription
  • Guest game play
  • Origin site tracking for revenue sharing
  • Version control (prompt to download latest version)

The games that make use of the GameZBoost app based game API’s will be published in the platforms app store, as part of the partners site deployment. Studios can contact us directly to partner with us for the publishing of their games across the GameZBoost network of games sites.

The GameZBoost white label games solution already includes the new integrated game apps and adapts the display based on the content type to either reflect Download buttons or hide them. The pages have been adapted to allow for the publishing of the leaderboards based on the game apps scoring system, which may include Level specific information.

The solution includes the white label site deployment options to publish the Tournament Info, live leaderboards, etc – the deployment options include:

  • Tournament Mini Site
  • Tournament Focused Site (Featured Tournament)
  • Blended Tournaments Site (App and Web Game Tournaments)
  • Full Featured Games and Tournaments Site
  • XML API Integration

The game app is fully integrated into the core GameZBoost backoffice management platform and includes the following features and functionality:

  • Player Management & Reporting
  • Tournament Setup incl. Format
  • Tournament Reporting
  • Tournament Draw Management
  • Tournament Prizes Setup per Tournament
  • Transaction Management , including Credits & Membership
  • Game Specific Activity Reports
  • In-game Credits / Subscription Purchasing Setup & Reporting

The beta version of the Turbo Chase game can be downloaded from the GLive App Store – Click Here to Download

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