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September 2019

New Game App API’s

GameZBoost is wrapping up the dev of a new suite of API’s that will allow the various GameZBoost gaming platform features to be used within 3rd party / game studio Android and iOS game apps, the API functions include:

  • Login and register
  • High score posting (including levels & unlocked merch)
  • Live leaderboards
  • Tournaments, incl. info and leaderboards
  • Multiplayer support
  • In-game credits purchasing & subscription management
  • In-app purchasing store & merch management
  • Guest game play
  • Origin site tracking for revenue sharing
  • Version control (prompt to download latest version)

The games that make use of the GameZBoost app based game API’s will be published in the native hybrid app store on the GameZBoost white label gaming platform. Studios can contact us to partner with us for the publishing of their games across the GameZBoost network of games sites.

The GameZBoost white label games site will include the new game apps and adapt based on the content type to reflect Download buttons and publish leaderboards based on the game apps scoring system.

The beta version of the game can be downloaded from the GLive Hybrid App Store – Click Here to Download

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