The GameZBoost gaming platform has been tailored for to provide a new level of Value Added Services (VAS) to Mobile Content Aggregators and Mobile Network Operators. The solution provides a full featured multi device games offering for the deployment of subscription based mobile web games content services. The platform offers all the required API’s to create, update, communicate and unsubscribe users already developed and in operation with a number of operators across the globe. The solution provides a platform to acquire, retain, engage and monetise users.

The White Label Games Portal can be configured to include various membership options, including Paid Subscription (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) or Freemium Membership.

Benefits of the GameZBoost Mobile Web Games Platform:

Increase average revenue per player, while attracting new customers with our advanced gaming solution, ensuring that you reach your customers on a global level.

  • Can be run as a parallel games offering to existing pay to download games services
  • Single deployment to reach users across any smartphone, tablet or desktop, be it users accessing the offering from their iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows 10, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or Safari device
  • Integration with existing Wallets, payment and subscription API’s
  • A solution that is fully responsive and adaptive, thus ensuring the user experience is always optimized, based on the device OS, screen resolution and device orientation
  • Platform allows for recursive billing, direct communication and interaction with users, ongoing product and brand placement and awareness
  • Custom promotions and events can be loaded and managed from the backoffice
  • Users constantly burn through their data bundles, unlike with download games where the game is downloaded once
  • Ability to gather market related feedback, through the Polls solution
  • Direct integration with the Mobile Network or Content Aggregators Billing and SMS API’s
  • Fully integrated with Fortumo, providing instant access to mobile billing in up to 94 countries
  • Real time management of content and promotions
  • Real time revenue and activity reporting
  • Fully hosted and managed solution
  • Negotiable commercial terms
  • Mobile subscription specific registration and content access flow e.g.

Paid Subscription members content and features access example:

  • Unlimited access to games and content
  • No Game Credits charged when playing a game
  • x Game Credits credited to their account at time of subscribing
  • x bonus Game Credits awarded for every week as premium member
  • Users spend Game Credits when entering Tournaments or creating player Contests
  • Exclusive access  to VIP Tournaments, these can be configured to include Prizes in the form of Game Credits, Premium Membership and or products that could include Data and Airtime bundles
  • No pre-roll ads are shown before games
  • Game Credits are reset at the time that the Subscription period ends

The Premium Rate SMS Subscription Flow:

Example of a Premium Rate SMS Subscription Flow
Example of a Premium Rate SMS Subscription Flow

Freemium members content and features access example:

  • x Game Credits as awarded as the initial sign-on bonus – this is configurable in the backoffice
  • Games can be configured as Pay per Play (P2P), Free to Play (F2P) or a combination of these. Game Credits are deducted from the users x initial balance with each game play – all values can be configured in the backoffice
  • x bonus Game Credits can be configured to be added each week
  • Users can enter Tournaments – each Tournament can carry an entry fee – this is configured when the tournament is created in the backoffice
  • The benefits of Paid Subscription are promoted when playing a games and through the various notifications
  • Pre-roll banner ads are shown before all games – the duration that the ads display can be configured in the backoffice
  • Users can purchase bundles of top-up Game Credits – the bundle variables are configurable in the backoffice

The Operator Billing Subscription Flow:

Example of a Operator Billing Subscription Flow
Example of a Operator Billing Subscription Flow

Mobile Billing Flow Example:

GameZBoost Mobile Billing Flow Example
GameZBoost Mobile Billing Flow Example

Key Platform Features:

  • Game site can be fully customized to reflect the clients brand and corporate identity
  • Access to over 250 HTML5 premium games, across all popular game genres
  • Access to mobile specific MMO RPG game titles, with in-game purchasing
  • Player vs Player multi player games
  • Tournaments platform
  • Contests platform
  • Live leaderboards
  • Player profile pages
  • Avatar creator
  • Surveys / opinion poll platform
  • News publishing platform
  • Users comments platform
  • Loyalty and rewards solution
  • Promotions management
  • Micro transactions platform

Promotional Opportunities:

The platform provides a number of features to drive brand and product awareness, these include:

  • Pre-roll display ads, video, advertorial and / or surveys / opinion polls
  • On page advertorial
  • Site take-overs
  • Sponsorship of Loyalty Rewards
  • Sponsorship of Tournament Prizes

Presentation Deck of the GameZBoost HTML5 Mobi Gaming Platform:

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