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March 2016 – MMO & RPG Browser Games Portal - MMO & RPG Browser Games Portal

GameZBoost have launched as a showcase site that highlights all the features of the GameZBoost White Label Gaming Platform.

The site includes the following content and features:

  • Based on the fully Responsive and Adaptive gaming framework
  • Content is dynamically formatted on the fly based on the user device accessing the site
  • Fully customized look and feel
  • Custom Game Specific Landing Pages
  • In-game Top-up Purchase Solution
  • Branded Game Specific Server Selection Solution
  • Affiliate Campaign Management Tracking Solution
  • Enhancements to the Advertorial Platform to allow for Site Takeover Campaigns
  • Enhancement to the Responsive and Adaptive Framework to allow for the 800+ Flash, MMO and HTML5 games to be published, this is filtered dynamically, based on the users device
  • Game integration with multiple MMO game studios
  • Server selection Solution
  • In-game Virtual Currency recharge solution
  • Game Landing Pages for affiliate marketing campaigns
  • Site Takeovers and promo Headers

Lets take a look at each of these solutions in more detail.

Server Selection Solution:

  • New servers can be added in real time and appear on the Server Selection window as soon as they are made active
  • Servers can be placed in maintenance mode – they will be visible to users, but not accessible
  • The platform “remembers” the users last accessed server and places that at the top of the Server Selection window
  • When Affiliate Campaigns are configured with preset servers, the user is automatically passed through to the preset server
  • Configure at a game level
  • Add promo banners and custom backgrounds

In-game Virtual Currency recharge solution:

  • Multi currency capability
  • Configure each package from the backoffice
  • Create a custom look and feel for the page and buttons
  • Ability to link to multiple payment providers
  • Instant player games account update
  • Detailed earnings and transaction reporting
  • Add promo banners and custom backgrounds
  • Configure at a game level

Game Landing Pages for affiliate marketing campaigns:

  • Create multiple affiliate campaigns per landing page
  • Includes quick user registration and login function
  • Comprehensive affiliate campaign tracking and reporting
  • Auto or user select game server selection
  • Add promo banners and custom backgrounds
  • Add Custom Buttons and Text
  • Configure at a game level


  • Users earn Loyalty Rewards points from pre-set actions, incl. posting new high scores, winning site Tournaments and user Contests, sharing Achievements to Facebook, this activity increases the users Rewards Level.
  • Once the user achieves a certain Loyalty Reward Level the user is able to redeem for a Reward, once redeemed they start at Level 1 again, they have the option to skip redeeming a Reward at the achieved level and continue until achieving a higher level with greater Rewards.
  • Users are further rewarded with Badges when reaching certain levels.
  • Discount and gift vouchers delivered electronically worldwide and include all delivery costs.
  • Promotional opportunity for product owners and brand managers.
  • Fully managed service.


  • Tournament Prizes can be set up by the site owner, these are linked to specific Tournaments events.
  • Tournament Prizes are published on the Rewards and Prizes promo pages.
  • The site owner has full control over this functionality.
  • Site owner is responsible for sourcing, costs and fulfilment. - MMO & RPG Browser Games Portal – MMO & RPG Browser Games Portal

Contact the GameZBoost team to discuss your requirements – Contact Us

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