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October 2015

Major Upgrade to GameZBoost Platform Complete

Major Upgrade to GameZBoost Platform Complete

We’re proud to have gone live with a major upgrade to the platform and believe that the changes will have a significant impact in improving the user experience, while driving acquisitions, keeping users engaged and improving on the monetization of users, the tweaks and new features include the following:

  • a number of pretty significant tweaks to the platforms core structure, we anticipate that there will be a noticeable improvement in performance
  • tweaks have been made to the login processes – allowing users to login with their email address or username, we’ve also added a Remember Me function
  • a lot of focus was placed on the overall appearance and usability of the platform and a number of changes were made to improve the overall user experience
  • one of the biggest changes was around the actual game play page – this is now an actual page and no longer a overlay popup, the handling of the games across devices has been greatly improved
  • the info pages have been totally reworked and present the user with a lot more useful information and will add a lot of value to the search rankings – separate pages have been developed for the Game Info, Contest Info and Tournament Info
  • new logic was added to the management of Credits, in the backoffice, and these changes have been integrated into the payments page, allowing for far great flexibility
  • the My Profile loyalty widget has been re-worked to present the user with far more useful information
  • the achievement notifications have been tweaked and are now a lot more refined and user friendly
  • inclusion of user comments on game pages, with site moderation and promo ability
  • game voting by users
  • special emphasis has been placed on the responsiveness and adaptive elements of the platform, across all devices, browsers and resolutions
  • 6 new game titles have also been added to the platform, taking the total to 150 HTML5 games

These enhancements and changes can be viewed on:

Desktop MMO Mobile Games Platform Screenshot
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