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June 2015

Loads of new features added to the GameZBoost gaming platform

Loads of new features added to the GameZBoost gaming platform

A number of new tweaks and features have been completed and are now live on the GameZBoost responsive white label gaming platform:

  • New home page layout – highlights the Credits, Tournament Prizes, Loyalty Rewards, Tournaments, Contests and Featured games
  • Inclusion of a generic user registration function, with Forgot Password functionality
  • Development of a Player Profile page – includes Profile info, ability to edit their profile, Badge achieved, Favorite Games and summary of Loyalty Rewards level
  • Avatar builder – this detects the users gender and includes the ability to build and a save a custom avatar
  • Tournaments prizes – publishers can link specific prizes and credits to a Tournament
  • Loyalty Reward Level solution, users earn points based on pre-set triggers and credits- these thresholds are set by the site owner in the backoffice. Levels can be linked to Badges and Rewards that users can redeem
  • Content pages and Utility elements – manage FAQ’s, Contact Info, Privacy Policy, T & C’s and About Us pages in the backoffice
  • Achievement notifications have been tweaked to be visually more appealing when users are notified of their various Achievements, these can then be shared to the users Facebook Wall – credit rewards can be assigned to this function
  • The site and platform is now fully SSL enabled and has been optimized for the recent security updates made to Firefox
  • A user Credits Management and Credits Top-up function has been added to the platform, the top-up packages are managed from the backoffice
  • Introduction of an Advertorial tool, allowing site owners to load promos for the Homepage (target iOS or Android devices), Registration, Tournaments, Contests and Prizes and Rewards pages
  • 9 new HTML5 game titles were added, with another 8 to be loaded in the coming week
  • A number of tweaks to ensure optimal load times have been developed and implemented across the site

The new features can be found on the responsive white label games portal.

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