The GLive Trick or Treat Tournament is over and can we just say it was a great success! Well done to all the players that participated and congratulations to the 3 winners!

The winners are:

  • 1st Place – Avery, who won a great GLive Hamper.
  • 2nd Place – Sexy, who won 14 days premium membership.
  • 3rd Place – CadyN, who won 7 days premium membership.

Great fun was had by all and anyone above the age of 18 could subscribe and participate in the tournament. The Halloween inspired tournament featured a cute match 3 game called Monster Match. You had to swipe on the screen horizontally and diagonally to match the same monsters together. The aim was to get play for the longest and to get the highest score.

The lead up to the GLive Trick or Treat Tournament

As Halloween was fast approaching, there was no doubt in our minds that we had to do a GLive Trick or Treat Tournament for all you gamers, and we had the perfect cute monster game for everyone to play. After planning everything out, the squeaky wheels on the tournament started moving as we began promoting the GLive Trick or Treat Tournament to all our social media platforms and more. We even did a site takeover so the moment you went onto the Glive website, the Trick or Treat Tournament was there, ready for you to play.

Social media advertising of the GLive Trick or Treat Tournament included pictures and videos of the game, a cool 10-day countdown, some funny Halloween sayings and jokes featuring the cute monsters from the Monster Match game and more. The Tournament was promoted on every social media site as well as Google AdWords. By having a 10-day countdown to the Tournament, it created anticipation for the players as they were being drawn closer and closer to the day they could play the game and hopefully win the prizes.>

Every new player that signed up on the got 7 days free membership to play the array of great games we have to offer on the site, as well as partake in the Trick or Trick Tournament for those days. A video was posted on all our social media platforms showing you how easy it is to sign up and enter the tournament and play. NO banking details and NO hassle, that is what we wanted to portray to our gamers. That it is easy to enter and you can have fun playing a really cool game while standing the chance to win great prizes.

Players had a large amount of content informing them what the Tournament is about, how to enter and how to play. A blog post was posted on GLive with all the information you needed to play the game and if you didn’t feel like reading, there was a video to help you as well. There were some interactive posts that asked would you rather questions such as would you rather walk through cobwebs or walk on eyeballs. Obviously, I picked walking through cobwebs can you imagine walking on eyeballs, I mean Ewww! These posts created interaction between our followers which was a great way to see how well the promoting of the tournament was going.

The audience and players were constantly immersed in the Halloween spirit of the Trick or Treat Tournament as it was the first thing you saw on our platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Tournament was promoted in such a way that even if you had seen the Advert a few days before it ended, you still saw it and were able to sign up and participate. The content was no short of terrifyingly good as the audience and players were always updated on the Tournament, what the prizes were and how many days left there was till the tournament ended.

Promoting and planning the tournament was fun as we all got to bring out our scary side with funny Halloween puns, jokes, quotes and ideas. Not only did we want the players to enjoy themselves in this fun tournament, but we wanted to show them just how much fun the could have as we did a staff tournament ourselves! We went all out and in the spirit of Halloween we dressed the part and played the scarily cute game Monster Match. The video of our tournament was posted on all our platforms and showed everyone just how great this tournament was!

While promoting the GLive Trick or Treat Tournament, we discovered a whole range of new followers showing that the promoting of the GLive Trick or Treat Tournament was a great success and everyone had fun and got into the spirit of Halloween. If you want to take part in our great Tournaments like this one, make sure that you are a member on our glive website. We look forward to seeing you all playing in the next Tournament.

GLive Halloween Trick or Treat Tournament

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