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June 2018 Showcase Site Launched

GLive Showcase Games Portal Showcase Site Launched

GameZBoost have launched a showcase site,, to highlight the depth of features and content that’s available on the GameZBoost white label gaming platform.

The showcase gaming community has been configured as follows:

Home Page Settings:

  • Custom layout and personalized color scheme
  • Game promo headers
  • Featured Tournaments, with prizes highlighted
  • Featured Gaming News and Video reviews
  • Recent player Activity Ticker
  • Newest Games
  • Loyalty Rewards
  • Advertorial

News and Video Platform Active News Page Widgets:

  • Top 3 featured articles
  • Media broadcast schedule
  • Quick Links
  • Top Videos
  • Top News
  • Advertorial

News Article Page Features:

  • Full WYSIWYG content editor
  • Direct links to Play or Download the game being featured
  • User comments, with moderator function

Games App Store, active games content and features:

  • Games include casual Android Apps, which can be downloaded by users with an active subscription. Android and IOS “Freemium” titles are also included and are free to download by guest and subscribers.
  • Advertorials
  • Featured App Games news articles
  • Featured Apps
  • All Apps
  • On the Apps page, user can download directly
  • Users can Rate and Review each game.

Games Content:

  • Games are available across all genres, including educational, multi player, MMO, Sports, Arcade, Strategy, Puzzle, etc, etc
  • Each game has a dedicated Game Info page, that allows dedicated promo Advertorial to be loaded per game
  • Users can Rate and Review each game.
  • Users can quickly and easily see if a game is a High Score Game, has In-game Purchasing and other relevant meta data

Player vs Player Game Contents:

  • Players can quickly create a Public or Private tournament, by selecting the format, the game and playing the 1st round to log a score
  • Players earn Loyalty Points for creating Contests and for Winning Contests
  • Contest invites can be sent directly to a users WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger friends, when being played from a mobile device


The power of the platform lies in the depth of the available setups for tournaments, these include:

  • Highest Score wins tournaments, with a Manual Audit function
  • Random Winner tournaments, with a Manual Audit function
  • Single Eliminator tournaments, with up to 512 participants and various other configuration settings
  • Various qualifying criteria can be set e.g. subscription only, cost to play, complete a Survey, achieve a minimum score, etc
  • Prizes and trophies per tournament, with specific images, descriptions and values
  • Ability to “Hide” tournaments – thus only revealing the details and the game at the time of going live
  • Set Tournaments as Featured, with specific promo images and the option to highlight these tournaments on the sites home page
  • Configure various Access Modes e.g. Keyword, Team Duel based, ring fenced, etc
  • Add links to Live Cast links on Facebook Live and YouTube Live

GLive New Tournament Platform - Home Page

GLive New Tournament Platform - Content Screens

Loyalty and Rewards:

  • Site configured with multiple Rewards per Loyalty Level
  • Platform consists of 50 Loyalty Levels, each levels Loyalty Points thresholds can be set
  • Badges can be configured at each Loyalty Level
  • The platform consists of 18 loyalty rules that can be configured specifically to the sites objectives
  • A redemption solution exists for Players wishing to Redeem Rewards and a backoffice tool to manage the redemption cycle

Player Profile Page:

  • Players can Edit their Profile details
  • Manage their subscription
  • All Rewards, current Loyalty Points, Points Activity and Level details can be viewed by the Players on their Profile pages
  • Gain Quick Access to the Favorite Games and Last Played Games
  • Review their current Badges, Tournament Trophies and the available Rewards
  • A Messaging platform exists to send info to Players, the details of the communication can be viewed on their Profile page
  • A public Profile page is available for players to get details on other Players – all sensitive information is hidden and only generic info is displayed

Other features include:

  • Avatar Creator – create  a custom avatar or upload a picture to use for an avatar
  • Affiliate platform – a full featured affiliate solution that allows site owners to configure specific affiliate campaigns
  • Survey tool – setup surveys as game pre-rolls or as entry criteria for tournament
  • Content editing tool – manage Contact Us page, About Us page, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and FAQ’s

Premium game titles, such as Kizi Kart Racing, has been sourced and added to the site, here’s a sneak peak preview video of this great game:

On the Media front the site features the following articles and gaming video content – view the the News & Video platform:

  • New game launches
  • Game reviews
  • How to Play guides
  • How to… (using the features available on the platform)
  • Live tournament winners draws
  • New tournament launches
  • Review of industry events
  • Interviews
  • Q & A sessions
  • and loads more

an example of an industry leading game review is this example of the new driving game, The Crew 2:

A number of Social Media Promotions were setup to promote the new site, the available features and the new games content, these include:

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