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September 2019

GameZBoost™ to Introduce eSports Solution

GameZBoost Casual Games eSports Tournament

Definition of eSports:

noun plural noun: esports is defined as a multiplayer video game played competitively for spectators, typically by professional gamers.

What qualifies as an esport?

Generally, the easiest definition is competitive gaming at a professional level. It only includes video games, but pretty much any game with a winner and a loser can be played as an esport, although the bigger the player base and the more support it has, the better the competition.

GameZBoost™ has run a number of live tournament finales for the likes of MTN South Africa, the biggest of these included the live event at the 2017 rAge Gaming Expo. Taking this into account and the current trends towards eSports and competing, the GameZBoost team have identified an opportunity to take what’s currently available on the GameZBoost™ platform and enhance the offering with the emphasis of creating an eSports solution that ensures a broader segment of the gaming market is catered for and is able to compete in events that offer high stakes prizes.

MTN GameZBoost Tournament Finale at rAge 2017

The GameZBoost platform already offers the bulk of the features that are needed to setup and run a successful eSports event, the below infographic highlights some of the core elements and features that are available at present:

A key component to being able to setup eSports based tournaments is to be able to use multiplayer games in order to offer true head to head tournaments that are preferably setup as Eliminator format tournaments.

GameZBoost are currently wrapping up the development of a new set of API’s that are configured for Android and iOS game apps, the beta testing is scheduled to be complete by end October 2019. GameZBoost has already sourced a number of multiplayer game apps and HTML5 based multiplayer games, these will have the new API’s integrated and will be available to all existing and future clients that wish to setup and host casual based eSports tournament events and promotions.

The solution will allow for free based events, cost to play and / or membership to gain access to the tournament.

Tournament formats can include:

  • Multiple Qualifying Rounds with a Live Single Eliminator Finale
  • Qualifying Round as part of the Live Eliminator Rounds & Finale

Once the core API’s have been completed then the following additional API’s will be developed and be made available as part of the overall suite of API’s:

  • Bot Play
  • Augmented Reality
  • Live Streaming
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