GameZBoost brings competitive gaming to hyper casual gaming through their new GameOvate tournaments solution

The traditional eSports competition market – while generating a lot of hype, TV coverage and millions of dollars in prize money and other revenue – has been more or less limited to a specific young, male-dominated demographic.

By contrast, casual and hyper-casual games are played at home by everyone from teens to pensioners – and are now poised to become the next big thing in competitive gaming. It only takes a quick look at the numbers to reveal the sheer extent of the potential of this competitive gaming universe:

Traditional eSports saw audiences grow from 335 million to 557 million between 2017 and 2021. This includes both viewers and players. Revenue growth has been impressive too, with the industry generating $865-million in 2018, increasing to $1.1-billion the following year. It is projected to reach $1.8-billion in 2022. (Source: Newzoo)

Casual gaming had already reached more than 2.4 billion gamers by 2020, projected to 2.7 billion in 2021. The revenue projection is an eye-opening $180-billion, with the hyper-casual market alone worth more than $2-billion. (Source: Newzoo)

The potential impact of competitive casual gaming can scarcely be overstated:

 “I believe eSports will rival the biggest traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities, and between advertising, ticket sales, licensing, sponsorships and merchandising, there are tremendous growth areas for nascent industry.” – Steve Borenstein (Chairman of Activision Blizzard’s eSports division and former CEO of ESPN and NFL Network)

Who are these gamers?

Casual gamers represent a much larger cross-section of society than traditional eSports players. More than half of them are over 34 years of age, with roughly an equal number of male and female players. They’re the Candy Crush players, the Sudoku lovers, the Angry Birds fans.

Their most favoured game segments are:

  • Puzzle mobile games (56.5%)
  • Arcade mobile games (55.08%)
  • Action mobile games (34.19%)
  • Racing mobile games (30.83%)

Their average age is 36 years of age for women and 32 for men, with up to 60% of female players playing every day. In fact, on average, hyper-casual gamers play 10 times more games than other players, spending 90% of their smartphone usage on games and apps.

These gamers will typically play two to five different games a month, on average.

The time is now to capitalise on the hype centred around eSports and competitive gaming and bring a solution to market that appeals to a mass global audience – Mark van Diggelen (Founder of GameZBoost)

GameOvate – solutions for the hyper-competitive gaming age

The core focus of the GameOvate solution is to provide a competitive casual gaming tournaments solution that appeals to a much broader demographic than the traditional eSports market.

It’s an eSports For All solution, focusing on casual and hyper-casual games.

Democratising competitive gaming

The current competitive gaming landscape is quite fragmented and siloed, with various gaming platforms and game studios vying to build their own separate communities. From the players’ perspective, this means that they’ll often have to join more than one gaming platform to play all the games they want.

GameOvate is different. It aggregates all types of casual games into one platform where everyone can compete in competitions on any games they wish. It’s a completely agnostic platform – any casual gamer can play, regardless of their device, browser or operating system.

GameOvate is a single global gaming community for everyone.

Content is king – engagement is the kingdom

The GameOvate platform’s primary focus in providing a universal competitive gaming ecosystem for casual gamers is to create engagement.

By providing highly sought-after gaming content the platform promotes ever-increasing engagement with and between players. This growing community leads to better retention, increased acquisitions and, consequently, improved ROI.

Leaderboard integrity – the key to the kingdom

The entire legitimacy and trustworthiness of a competitive gaming platform depends on leaderboards showing true, real-world results without being vulnerable to manipulation. If players don’t believe that they’re able to compete of a fair playing field, engagement levels will plummet.

 This makes leaderboard integrity our most important focus, and we use a variety of security and anti-intrusion methods to safeguard our players.

 A transactional competition gaming environment

GameOvate provides a transactional environment for players to accumulate real prizes for competition play. Players are able to build up value in the “wallets” through competing, and have 3 ways in which they can gain access to the various active tournaments:

  • Coins – players can buy coin bundles with a credit card and use these to enter tournaments. Their winnings are in coins, and they can then convert these into vouchers.
  • Access Days – players can use their winnings to buy Access Days and have access to all tournaments for that period
  • In-game Purchases – players can buy Coins to unlock levels, power-ups, merchandise and extend the time to play, these “unlocks” are valid for the duration of each tournament.

Users are in control of their Coins wallet and decide at what level and for which voucher they wish to redeem their Coins for. The platform features vouchers from leading retailers, across the globe and in various currencies. In countries and states that skill gaming is legal in the user is able to redeem their Coins for Cash, this may require a partner to have a gaming license.

Huge competitive casual gaming opportunities for providers

GameOvate opens up an exciting range of real opportunities for online operators and providers to take advantage of this new era of competitive gaming.

The explosion of casual and hyper-casual competitive gaming creates rich opportunities in industries within and beyond the core traditional gaming market:

  • Mobile Operators and Publishers: websites that have traditionally provided free casual games for fun can now enter this lucrative competitive gaming market. 
  • Gaming and Sports Betting Operators: gaming and sports betting operators can add competitive casual games of skill to their offering and increase revenues.
  • Affiliate Marketers: competitive casual and hyper-casual gaming opens up large new revenue streams for affiliate referral websites.  
  • Game Studios: even game studios can create wider audiences and extra revenue streams by adding competitive casual gaming to the multiplayer games they offer.

 GameOvate key features at a glance

 Platform Goals:

  • Streamlined user experience
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Emphasis on social and deeper user engagement
  • Cross play across devices, browsers and O/S
  • Real-time data updates
  • Emphasis on user security and privacy
  • Rapid scaling Cloud infrastructure
  • Localisation of all site content and promotions
  • Localised payment and redemption platforms
  • Premium games, with a rich user experience

Core Platform Focus:

  • Retained game progress – per event and game
  • Single entry fee, allows for multiple replays
  • Democratization of prizes and rewards
  • Games quality over quantity
  • Users in control of redemption flow
  • Community centric solution
  • Audience engagement features (user acquisition funnel)
  • Celebrity-linked games and promotions

Critical Success Factors:

  • Leaderboard score integrity
  • High-quality games of skill
  • Global payments infrastructure
  • Global redemption partners, including local currency
  • Low data usage with low latency
  • Full localisation
  • Highly scalable infrastructure

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