eBucks Games Officially Launches

eBucks Games provides customers with access to a secure and safe mobile gaming platform that contains no advertisements or pop-ups, customers can add other members to their profile regardless of whether they bank with FNB or RMB Private Bank. Customers can access these games using almost any device.

There are no monthly subscription fees and a large selection of both free and paid games. Customers can also play alone or challenge other players or family and friends to tournaments, with prizes worth up to R250 000 in the latest gaming consoles, airline tickets, and vouchers. 

Customers can activate this service by selecting the “Games” icon via eBucks on the FNB/RMB Private Bank App.

The eBucks Games platform runs on the GameZBoost white label casual gaming solution. GameZBoost has been in business for 15 years and is a proudly South African business, with all the tech built and maintained by the local team and used by clients across the globe. What makes the GameZBoost platform stand out from the rest is our approach to use tech that has limited barriers to entry, speaks to a broad demographic and offers competitive features that are focused on building a competitive gaming community that extends beyond the typical eSports demographic.

eBucks Games Promo Video – featuring Tinbo
Prominent Exposure for eBucks Games on the eBucks Rewards Site
Listen to the 5FM Interview with Johan Moolman (eBucks Rewards CEO) re: eBucks Games

The new GameZBoost platform was launched, in beta form, in mid November 2021 and is fully deployed across various AWS Cloud services, to ensure optimal delivery of content for our clients and their users across the globe. The platform moved to production in February 2022, when a number of key client sites went live, these clients included Telco’s (subscription), eBucks (loyalty transactions) and 2 crypto based clients, with a transactive focus.

The primary motivation to develop the new platform was the focus on driving deeper user engagement through the community elements, the massive improvements to the competitive tournaments framework and the emphasis on quality games, over quantity and games that had deeper player engagement.

With the vision being to develop and provide an eSport4All casual gaming community that speaks to a very broad audience, affording them the opportunity to experience the thrill of competing for the win.

The core features of the casual games platform include:

  • #eSport4All – Single Eliminator / Knockout Tournaments and Player vs Player Challenges (user generated events)
  • #Play2Win – either Transactive or Subscription as an entry to the tournament, where users can Win Coins, Pods, NFT’s, Prizes, Vouchers and / or Cash
  • #PlaynEarn – Play4Fun games of skill, where users hone their skills, complete quests and are rewarded for their achievements
  • #PlayerRewards – Users can Redeem Coins for Vouchers, Airtime, Data, NFT’s and / or Cash
  • #Play4Free – Users can enjoy the hyper-casual games, without the need to register or login, the disadvantage is that they cannot log high scores and their are no leaderboards
  • #GamingCommunity – a Community page that highlights all the player achievements, users can invite friends and challenge them to PvP’s, share their achievements to their Social Media accounts and chat in a safe environment

The GameZBoost gaming platform will be embracing Web3.0 and will be adding the following features to the core platform:

  • Wallets (decentralized web) for Joining and Authentication, using MetaMask, Phantom and Coinbase (more to follow)
  • Crypto Purchases to buy Coins
  • Redeem Coins either back to Crypto or FIAT
  • NFT’s as prizes, avatars, redemptions and in-game items
  • Blockchain based advertising

The results are out and we are out and thus far the goals that we’d set out to achieve are being realized, we’re not sitting on our laurels and are continually reviewing the data to ensure we bring about even great improvements to drive user engagement and retention.

Based on the current analytics, it’s clear that the decision to redevelop the platform and add the transactive features was the correct decision:

Tournament Engagement for the Transactive Events is Increasing Exponentially

Go PlaynWin @ https://games.ebucks.com

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