Gaming Platform


GameZBoost Casual Gaming eSports and Tournaments Platform

A powerful platform to acquire, engage and retain users through the Tournaments platform, Premium Games & Social features

  • Tournaments with Prizes, incl. Single Eliminator
  • Challenge Friends in Tournaments
  • Free2Play or Pay2Play with Membership
  • Detailed Player Profile Pages + Avatar Builder
  • Advertorial and Games Promotion Solutions
  • Real-time Highscore Leaderboards
  • Full Featured Backoffice Management Platform
  • Fully Hosted and Managed Solution

Core Features of the Games Platform


Full Featured

Full featured gaming platform, providing the core features & services to launch a white label mobile & desktop games website with little impact on your resources. More Info



Truly one of the most comprehensive tournaments platforms available, with site events & player tournaments in various formats. More Info


Premium Games

Access to Premium HTML5 casual games (browser), with high score integration and App games available across all popular gaming genres. More Info



Publish articles, game reviews, tournament info, winners, general news and more. Platform includes kids specific edu & activity content. More Info



Multi language support per site, define default site language, fully support Cyrillic script and Right to Left display for Arabic, Persian and Hebrew text. More Info



A fully managed solution, that includes hosting, option for day to day management of your site & adding new content – you focus on user acquisition. More Info



Challenge Friends in Tournaments, invite them to join you for a multiplayer  game, through direct invites via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc



Integrate with Mobile Billing, PayPal, Credit Card or Loyalty Platforms to facilitate monetization through Premium Membership and Transactions. More Info

GLive GameZBoost Games Platform Showcase Site

A Highly Configurable Tournaments Platform

  • Tournament Format – Random Winner & High Score – configure Random Winner setting to either a) play once to qualify b) set qualifying criteria that users need to achieve to qualify – drives ongoing game play and deeper engagement. Configure the tournament as Highest Score Wins, with option to set minimum score to be eligible. Tournaments can be setup as single, time based, events or “evergreen” tournaments that auto create after ending.
  • Brackets Tournament Format – Single Eliminator – various options exists for the configuration of a Single Eliminator tournament, including: Open Qualifying Round, where users need to continue playing to qualify for the “x” seats available in the live rounds or, b) setup a tournament a “ring fenced” tournament that is only accessible to invited players.
  • User Access Criteria for Tournaments – various access criteria can be pre-setup for any of the tournament formats, these include: Loyalty Level, Free Access (ad supported), Subscription, Cost to Play, Password Access, Closed (by invitation), team based Duels  and / or Survey based (users need to complete a survey / poll to gain access).
  • Tournament Prizes & Promotions – prizes can take the form of awarding the users with Subscription (Membership days), Credits or real world prizes in the form of vouchers, air time and data and physical goods – with on-page branding opportunities, that include custom branded mini sites, prizes and games. Manual Audit rights can be setup to verify entries prior to awarding prizes. Running single eliminator live finales works well when running high stakes tournaments.
  • Tournament Engagement Options – one of the core features is the flexibility of the platform and the various configuration options to drive users directly to the tournaments, the deployment options include: featured home page tournaments, tournament mini-site, prize centric tournaments widget and the syndicated tournaments option that can include skilled gaming tournaments.
  • Tournament Games – there are over 400 games that can be used when setting up tournaments, currently these are HTML5 browser based titles, custom branded versions can be commissioned. The platform will be enhanced to include App based titles with SDK’s / API’s being developed to allow game studios to integrate with the tournaments platform.
GameZBoost HTML5 and App Based White Label Gaming Platform

The White Label Gaming Platform Deployment Options:

  • Subscription / Membership Gaming Platform – launch an All You Can Eat (AYCE) subscription focused mobile games website, with API’s to create, update, credit and unsubscribe users for integration into mobile operator billing solutions (OBS / DCB).
  • Tournament Games Minsite – launch a standalone full featured single game focus tournament website. Can be fully customized, includes Landing page, Info page, live Leaderboard and News.
  • Free to Play Games Website – deploy a games site that only focuses on the games, still allows for a Freemium / Subscription commercial model. An upgrade path allows the publisher to add features, such as Tournament, Loyalty and Rewards, etc once the site reaches a level of critical mass.
  • XML Games Feed – an XML API solution is available for direct integration and ingestion of the games into an existing website, with functions to manage users (SSO), access games meta data, publish games & access live scores for leaderboard publishing.
  • Competitions Focused Tournament Games Website – option to configure the platform to focus on the competitive elements, setup and manage the Tournaments, as either highest score wins, random winner or as a Single Eliminator Tournament. Setup specific prizes and / or partner with sponsors to provide prizes and incentives to allow for an increase in product promotion and in-store sales.
  • Games App Store – publish as a hybrid app store, for owned and 3rd party Android and iOS game apps – games displayed based on the device. Configure the games as Free to Download, Cost to Download and / or Revenue Share from In-game Purchasing. The App Store includes content across all popular genres e.g. GLive.
  • Kids Edu Content – the platform can be configured to deploy a kids centric solution, that ensures a safe environment for parents & their children. The content includes articles & videos that are focused on activities & crafts, kids specific HTML5 games and kids focused Android games and activity apps for download e.g. Braineez.