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September 2016

Single Elimination Tournament (Eliminator) Solution

Eliminator Added - Single Elimination Tournament Solution

A Single Elimination / Eliminator Tournament solution has been added to the GameZBoost gaming platform, the updated Tournament offering now includes a Single Elimination Tournament format, this is in addition to the traditional highest score wins format, that is already available as part of the white label offering. The Eliminator format significantly increases the hype during the tournament event, keeping players engaged and reeling for more of the action during the various playoff pool rounds, this while anticipation mounts to see who makes it to the Semi Final and Final rounds of the Eliminator Tournament.

What is a Single Elimination Tournament?

Wikipedia defines it as – a single-elimination tournament—also called an Olympic system tournament, a knockout (or, knock-out), single penetration, or sudden death tournament—is a type of elimination tournament where the loser of each bracket is immediately eliminated from winning the championship or first prize in the event.

In English, the round in which only eight competitors remain is generally called the quarterfinal round; this is followed by the semifinal round, in which only four are left, the two winners of which then meet in the final or championship round. The round before the quarterfinals is sometimes called the “round of sixteen”, “Last Sixteen”, or (in South Asia) “pre-quarterfinals”; in some other languages “eighth-finals” is used. Earlier rounds are typically numbered counting forwards from the first round, or by the number of remaining competitors. If some competitors get a bye, the round at which they enter may be named the “first” round, with the earlier matches called a “preliminary” round, or “play-in games”.

The GameZBoost Eliminator Tournament solution offers the following core features and functionality:

Backoffice configuration to setup a Single Elimination Tournament:

  • Setup tournament based on a specific skill based game
  • Configure the start date and time and end date and time – time zone specific
  • Publish the relevant Terms and Conditions for Contestant participation in the Tournament
  • Configure the duration that users can Register for the Eliminator Tournament
  • Set duration of Rounds and “Intermission” time between Pool Rounds
  • Configure entry costs, rake value and Game Credits Pot value
  • Setup Prizes for Winner and Runner-up
  • Configure Eligibility optional variables – Game Score, Survey / Poll or Loyalty Level
  • Player Rank variable configuration – % wins, thresholds and associated color
  • Pause Game Play from 1/4 finals, semi finals and configure a specific start time for the final
  • Invite Players to Eliminator – great for running qualifying satellite tournaments, as qualification to the finale
  • Assign winners manually, allowing for audit process to be completed for leaderboards
Backoffice Eliminator Tournament Configuration

Front-end features of the Single Elimination Tournament solution:

  • Detailed Eliminator Tournaments information page, highlighting start and end times, entry fee’s, Prizes and the Tournament Rules
  • Qualifying round function, users need to play to gain entry into the Single Elimination Tournament – with the need to replay should they loose their seat
  • Registration function for users wishing to compete in the Single Elimination Tournament
  • Manage Eligibility variables – check and prompt users, based on Eligibility criteria
  • Ranking of users, based on backoffice configuration parameters
  • Status View – shows whether a Contestant has a Confirmed entry or Pending entry
  • Opening Round created with either: open to all or 2, 4, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 () Contestants – Contestants outside of these ranges are shown as pending
  • Auto matching of Contestants of the same or similar Player Rank for the opening Pool Round
  • Byes only initiated when one of the confirmed Contestants fails to participate in a Pool Round
  • Auto closing of Pool Rounds to progress to next Pool Round
  • Live Countdown during Pool Rounds and during “Intermission”
  • Live Countdown for the current Pool Round, during Game Play
  • Pre-roll ads displayed to Standard Subscribers, disabled for Premium Subscribers
  • Pre-roll Surveys / Opinion Polls – configure from backoffice
  • Auto refresh of game screen at end of allocated time for the Pool Round
  • Live Results Leaderboard view – past and current Pool Rounds results
  • Auto Awarding winners with Game Credits and Prizes notifications
  • Confirmation Notifications – detail result, prizes and social share
  • Live view of Tournament progression for non competing users
  • Enable Tournaments widget on homepage – giving prominence to Tourneys
  • Configure Editorial and Advertorial to drive exposure to the Tourneys
Overview of the flow of the The GameZBoost Elimination Tournament solution:
Qualifying Round for the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Qualifying Round for the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Event Registration Notice View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Registration Notice View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Registered Contestants View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Registered Contestants View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Playoffs View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Playoffs View of the Single Eliminator / Elimination Tournaments Platform
Semi Final View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Semi Final View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform
Finals View of the Single Eliminator Tournament Platform 
Final of the Single Eliminator / Elimination Tournaments Platform

The single eliminator tournament solution significantly enhances the current competitive elements on offer in the GameZBoost gaming platform and will be available to all current and future clients white label gaming websites.

The typical flow / structure of a standard single elimination tournament:
The typical flow / structure of a single elimination tournament:

The typical flow / structure of a standard single elimination tournament

Number of Rounds in a Single Elimination Tournament, in relation to the number of Players – being based on :

  • 4 Players = 2 Rounds
  • 8 Players = 3 Rounds
  • 16 Players = 4 Rounds
  • 32 Players = 5 Rounds
  • 64 Players = 6 Rounds
  • 128 Players = 7 Rounds
  • 256 Players = 8 Rounds
  • 512 Players = 9 Rounds

Advantage of the single elimination system

This system is often used in tournaments in which a large number of players are taking part because its most striking characteristic is” speed”. As it requires fewer matches be played than other systems, a tournament can be completed in a shorter amount of time.

Taking the example of a tournament with eight players competing:

  1. If the single elimination system is used, the number of matches required is just 7.
  2. If double elimination is used, 14 matches must be played.
  3. If a mixed system is used (first round robin in two groups, the top player of each group can enter to the second round which use single elimination) 15 matches must be played.
  4. If the round robin system is used, 28 matches need to be played.

As the number of players/teams increases, the difference between the number of matches each of the systems require will widen. If you hold a tournament with 32 players competing today but don’t want it to drag on too long, the single elimination system is perhaps your best choice.

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