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September 2015

Overview of the GameZBoost User Loyalty and Rewards Platform

GameZBoost Loyalty and Game Rewards Programme


  • Users earn Loyalty Rewards points from pre-set actions, incl. posting new high scores, winning site Tournaments and user Contests, sharing Achievements to Facebook, this activity increases the users Rewards Level.
  • Once the user achieves a certain Loyalty Reward Level the user is able to redeem for a Reward, once redeemed they start at Level 1 again, they have the option to skip redeeming a Reward at the achieved level and continue until achieving a higher level with greater Rewards.
  • Users are further rewarded with Badges when reaching certain levels.
  • Discount and gift vouchers delivered electronically worldwide and include all delivery costs.
  • Promotional opportunity for product owners and brand managers.
  • Fully managed service.


  • Tournament Prizes can be set up by the site owner, these are linked to specific Tournaments events.
  • Tournament Prizes are published on the Rewards and Prizes promo pages.
  • The site owner has full control over this functionality.
  • Site owner is responsible for sourcing, costs and fulfilment.

A Lucky Draw Loyalty Promotions solution is available on the GameZBoost White Label Gaming Platform. This feature allows site owners to configure the following:

  • Configure Lucky Draws, specific to the predefined Loyalty Rules, thus driving awareness of the various Loyalty Rules that trigger Loyalty Points
  • Set specific start and end dates
  • Configure promos as either Daily, Weekly or Monthly draws
  • Configure prizes / rewards, these can be Game Credits, Premium Membership and / or Products
  • The promotions are displayed to users as part of the Loyalty points notification that’s displayed at Login
  • Winners are displayed on the Winners Wall and as part of the notification shown to the user
  • Details of the Prizes and Rewards and highlighted on the Prizes and Rewards page
  • A full Prize / Reward redemption tool allows for quick and seamless fulfilment of prizes to the winners
Back-office Screen: Configure the Lucky Draw Promotion

Backoffice Screen: Configure the Lucky Draw Promotion

Back-office Screen: View Lucky Draw Promotions

Backoffice Screen: View Lucky Draw Promotions

Back-office Screen: Manage Rewards Redemption

Backoffice Screen: Manage Rewards Redemption

Front-end Notification: Detailing the Lucky Draw Promotion

Frontend Notification: Detailing the Lucky Draw Promotion

Front-end Notification: Detailing the Lucky Draw Winner

Frontend Notification: Detailing the Lucky Draw Winner

Front-end Notification: Prizes and Rewards Page with Luck Draw Promotions and Winners

Front-end Notification: Prizes and Rewards Page with Luck Draw Promotions and Winners

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