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May 2015

Burger King New Zealand BK Game Hub Live

Burger King New Zealand - BK Game Hub In-Restaurant Gaming Solution

Development of an in-restaurant gaming platform has been completed for the new Burger King (New Zealand) BK Game Hub (Burger King New Zealand – BK Game Hub), the solution is accessible via their flaming hot free wi-fi solution. The following forms the case study for an in-restaurant gaming solution.

The Brief:

  • Audience:
    • Main: Children 4-9 years old
    • Secondary: Teenagers
  • Nature/theme of games:
    • Think Nintendo – Mario Cart, Donkey Kong, PacMan etc
    • Unisex games
    • Fun/family orientated
  • Number of games:
    • 5-6 games every 8 weeks
  • Access:
    • Customers can only access via logging on to our wifi network (via mobile and desktop), so will not be able to access outside of the restaurant

The Objective:

Develop a fun and easy to play kids gaming site that replaces the current cheap toys and knick-knacks that are traditionally given out with Kids Meals.

The Voucher Platform:

The platform includes a voucher generation, management and redemption tool and includes text vouchers and QR Codes. For distribution they can be printed / sent as sms or email, with the Voucher code and QR Code hyper-linked to your site. As a solution this offers the opportunity to eliminate any additional API integration, as all the billing, validation, access management, etc can be managed in the background and once the user meets all the requirements then only is a voucher code issued. The benefit of the QR Code is that the user can scan it and then be automatically taken to the site, with the voucher redeemed automatically – thereafter the access control parameters kick in i.e. 2h hour access, 30 days, etc – these are predefined in the setup.

Vouchers / QR Codes / Coupons Management Solution

The voucher platform functionality:

  • Generate Vouchers – input the # of vouchers to generate. This will generate a unique 8 character voucher with or without a unique QR code per voucher
  • Export – 3 different formats, including QR Code – CSV, XLS and TXT
  • Validation – on export previously exported voucher codes aren’t included in the new export file
  • Tracking – all voucher redemptions are tracked
  • Control – option to manually delete, reactivate, re-enable and disable any voucher
  • Reporting – draw voucher redemption reports, based on time frames (daily, weekly, monthly or custom time frames), gives count of current active vouchers

The Vouchers – Game Cards:

The Burger King marketing team designed the BK Game Hub Game Card, this is handed out when kids meals are purchased in-store and from the drive-thru. Users then have 2 hours of free gmae play over a period of 3 days.

Burger King New Zealand - BK Game Hub Vouchers

Burger King New Zealand – BK Game Hub Vouchers

The Finished Product:

The Burger King BK Game Hub was developed according to the clients specific UI and CI requirements and all trademarks, corporate color schemes and fonts were used in the solution. The phase 1 solution includes the following features:

  • The BK Game Hub is based on the GameZBoost fully responsive white label gaming platform and is compatible across all desktop browsers, smartphones and tablet devices.
  • Accessible through the in-store Burger King free wi-fi zone.
  • Voucher access control – vouchers are generated in the backoffice and transferred to printed game cards (QR Codes can be included), the platform manages the time left on each card and whether the game card vouchers have been previously redeemed or not.
  • Remaining Time – the users has full sight of the remaining time for each voucher redeemed.
  • User are always aware of home much game play time is left and on which date the free game play time expires.
  • 3 games are rotated on a monthly bases, all games are HTML5 based and compatible across all mobile and desktop devices.
  • Simple, quick play games.
  • No complex registration process.
  • The platform includes access to detailed reporting, highlighting game plays, voucher redemptions and popular game stats.
Burger King New Zealand - BK Game Hub In-Restaurant Gaming Solution

Burger King New Zealand – BK Game Hub In-Restaurant Gaming Solution

Future Features:

The platform is based on a modular solution and future updates could include features such as:

  • User registration
  • High score posting
  • Live leaderboards
  • Competitions
  • Prizes in the form of in-store promotions, discount vouchers, etc
  • Regional competitions
  • Store against Store competitions
  • Redemption for sought after merchandise, such as: headphones, smartphone accessories, etc
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